Month: February 2016

The 3 biggest traps entrepreneurs (and other humans) fall into

This text started out to be for entrepreneurs. Along the way I realised, this is not for entrepreneurs only. This is for humans. In my opinion there are three types of traps for entrepreneurs out there today. The first one is for falling for objects. The kind of guy who posts pictures of his new BMW on Instagram. He is also that dude with the Facebook add promising to make 6 figures in 6 hours. And that’s awesome! Why not get rich quick. Why not drive a nice car. I recently drove 1000 miles being cramped into a tiny...

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Get out of your head – connect with your body to move forward

You’ve got plans, right? You’ve had the epiphanies. You’ve meditated on them. Created vision boards. Made lists. Read the books and talked to the gurus. Heck, you’ve even put some of the plans into motion. There’s a tonne of awesome stuff going on in your head. And, in the middle of all the best intentions and amazing ideas, it gets…confusing. Where do you even start? Why this over that? When is the best time? How do you find the time to arrange this other thing? Here’s the thing: you can’t do it all right now. More importantly, you shouldn’t. ...

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Interview with Carrie Silver on building communities with ease

Did you ever feel lonely and craved connection? Carrie Silver tells us how we can build a community that gets us with ease. Carrie is a fellow traveler and community manager. This was a super fun interview and especially the ladies might enjoy the last part of the interview. Here’s what you’ll learn in the interview: 0:55  Why Carrie builds communities 1:52  Why she missed communities in her life and how she turned that around “You always go in expecting one thing and end up getting something else.” 4:07  What kinds of communities she has build in her life 5:14...

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