Why booking a one-way ticket to Bali is the best thing I have ever done and the three lessons I learned in the process.

  1. Some decisions might put a knot in your chest, but might be right for you anyway.

I am a very intuitive person and rely on gut feeling a lot. But immediately after booking the ticket I felt a knot in my chest. It wasn’t the same feeling that I usually have in moments, when I know I am on the wrong path. Those feel different. But nonetheless the feeling was uncomfortable. After lots of reflection and journaling I realized it was actually a very human instinct welling up inside: Fear of change. Fear of uncertainty.

Advice: Feeling uncomfortable. Before you write it off an intuitive nudge not to do it, stop, reflect. Listen to your body and take this feeling of discomfort as a chance to get to know your feelings better. Overcoming fears that we have been holding on to for many years has a transformative power and opens up a lot of new possibilities for growth.


  1. We are NOT alone!

Coming to Bali taught me that there is a community for each of us. There are people just like me and there is a physical space to actually hang out with them – not just Facebook Mastermind groups. Here in Bali I am free to do my own thing and yet feel more connected than ever.

Advice: Figure out what kinds of people make you feel supported. What kinds of people do you connect with? Then go explore new places – whether virtually or geographically. There are people out there, who get you. Who have been where you are at right now. Who would love to connect with you and lift you up.


  1. Filling up the well.

So often in life we forget that we need to fill up our creative well in order to produce meaningful work. Here in Ubud I can’t help but do that on a regular basis. Yoga classes, lush green nature everywhere you turn, inspiring conversations, delicious food shared with amazing people.

Advice: Find what fills you up – and that doesn’t have to be any of the above – and do in as often as you can.