Author: Jenny Rieger

Walking everyday picking up trash in Bali

#PickUpAPieceOfTrash Ep. 15 - Sampah JujurMeet John A Hardy, the man who is creating a trash economy by walking everyday picking up trash Green by John #SampahJujur #PickUpAPieceOfTrashMusic: Shakey Graves - Roll the BonesPosted by Make A Change World on Wednesday, 28 December 2016 Meet John A Hardy, the man who is creating a trash economy by walking everyday picking up and buying trash from locals. Video Credit: Make a Change...

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Using Human Design to understand yourself better – Interview with Caroline Southwell

Episode Guide: How Caroline came to live in Bali What is Human Design and how it helps you understand yourself What are Human Design Types: Are you a manifestor, projector, (manifesting) generator or reflector. Find out. What is our Inner Authority and how can we use it in our everyday decision-making: Being conditioned to make things happen, it can be difficult to just sit back and let things come to us. Caroline shared her guide for decision-making for generators with us here: How to get your own chart for FREE and what to pay attention for: Get your chart for FREE...

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Coworking, coliving and surfing in Spain – Interview with Sun & Co

Do you want to surf in the breaks when your are not running your business? Or find inner peace at a yoga session before your return to your Facebook ads? Maybe you are just tired of going it all alone. Coworking and coliving places all around the world promise a solution. We see lots of coworking and recently coliving spaces pop up everywhere. But what does it take to open and run such a place? Jon and Edu share how they founded Sun & Co. This Episode   Edu and Jon shared lots of fun stories and anecdotes about...

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