This text started out to be for entrepreneurs. Along the way I realised, this is not for entrepreneurs only. This is for humans.

In my opinion there are three types of traps for entrepreneurs out there today.

The first one is for falling for objects.

The kind of guy who posts pictures of his new BMW on Instagram. He is also that dude with the Facebook add promising to make 6 figures in 6 hours.

And that’s awesome!

Why not get rich quick. Why not drive a nice car. I recently drove 1000 miles being cramped into a tiny Fiat Panda – in the snow. Trust me, I know the benefits of having a nice car!

The trap we fall into is the idea that I am what I have.

You know the saying “He is worth 1 billion dollars”?

Yep, exactly. I am what I have. I am worth whatever amount of money I have in the bank or I am whatever type of car I drive.

Very shaky basis to build your life and self worth on.

If I was what I have then I am subject to inflation. Imagine that the housing market crashes, my villa is worth half of what it was when I bought it.

I am only half of what I used to be.

Stupid mortgage crisis!

Then there is the CV trap.

We tend to collect experiences like others collect stamps. Well, don’t really know anyone who still does that, but you get the idea, right?

We might not worry about what we have. And maybe even make fun of people driving by in their Lexus while we are road tripping in an old VW bus, watching the sunset over the Grand Canyon and singing songs by the fire at Burning Man.

Seemingly it’s a detachment from objects and materialism.

In reality objects are traded for experiences.

I am what I do.

The third trap that we fall into, and this one is a more recent phenomenon, is the moment we buy Instagram followers.

Trap #3: I am what others think of me.

We don’t care about what we have, we doesn’t even care about what we do – as long as we get validation. Through likes, or hearts, or shares, or comments, …

I am a tap tap.

Obviously this one can be a combination of the two above. I am what I have because that’s when others think highly of me…

It’s very interesting to see who we as a society value and respect.

We respect rich people.

We respect people who do crazy or “good” things.

We respect people who are well known. For whatever reason. I totally lost track of why Kim Kardashian is famous …

But this text is not about trashing others and disrespecting them.

I want to share with you an idea that allows us all to avoid these 3 traps.

It’s very simple:

I am what I am.

No not the Gloria Gaynor kind of way …

Simply, I am what I am.

What if a person was seen as being perfect just by being?

Before having or doing or being known for anything.

We all start at level 100, not 0. And then we can do whatever we want. It’ll never get us above 100 or below. What we have, do, become is measured in a different currency. Self worth is at 100, stays at 100.

Before you scream Socialist, let me ask you:

How can the incredible miracle of a human being be less than perfect?

My girlfriend and I are going to have a baby later this year. It’s unbelievable to follow what is happening in her belly at the moment. A new human is developing. At 2 months old she can mover her hands, has a brain, all organs are developed, … telling this tiny being that she needs to have something or do something in order to become complete sounds completely absurd! And cruel.

Yet, we are doing this to ourselves.

We question our inherent greatness.

Based on arbitrary measures of success and worth.

There is no inherent value in being a doctor or a financially successful entrepreneur. None whatsoever. It’s purely cultural.

Imagine we didn’t need laws because we all acted like human beings. Just normal, compassionate, loving, respectful.

No one would want to be a lawyer. It’d be the most ridiculous profession ever!

See, the rules that we play by. The traps that we fall into are created by ourselves.

These aren’t universal laws of physics.

Imagine God was sitting in his little creation lab and was saying, Ok now, we need more entrepreneurs on this planet. Let me craft a left brain techie to take over Google and get rich as fuck. Zoom, here we go …

Maybe that’s how it works, who am I to say that.

To me it just seems very unlikely.

If we remember the inherent beauty in us, there is no need to have, do or become anything or anyone.

We’d stay at 100 and could become whatever we wanted to be. From a place of love and curiosity.

Imagine working on your latest project knowing that it cannot fail. You stay untouched.

What didn’t you do this past month because the result could have challenged what you had and who you were being perceived as?


What didn’t you do this past month because the result could have challenged what you had and who you were being perceived as?

Imagine the impact you could have had if you had known that your greatness and beauty could not be touched!

Let’s make sure these moments never happen again.

You are perfect.

You are what you are!