Did you ever feel lonely and craved connection? Carrie Silver tells us how we can build a community that gets us with ease. Carrie is a fellow traveler and community manager.

This was a super fun interview and especially the ladies might enjoy the last part of the interview.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the interview:

0:55  Why Carrie builds communities

1:52  Why she missed communities in her life and how she turned that around

“You always go in expecting one thing and end up getting something else.”

4:07  What kinds of communities she has build in her life

5:14  How you can start really small

The question to ask yourself: “How can I connect people so they can learn from each other and grow with each other?”

6:45  The process of building a community

10:17  What you can do if you are feeling lonely and crave community and connection

“You can build a community around anything.”


For the ladies:

13:35  Carrie’s Women Circle

Here’s the book we talked about: Alisa Vitti – WomanCode

“Find people you can talk about the topics you love talking about.”

18:20  Why men could benefit from these principles too…

Carries #1 Advice for you:

“If you are feeling alone and stuck in the group you are with, then get really in tune with what it is that you like to do. Find or create a community around that.”

Reach out to Carrie if you need help with figuring it out or have trouble finding the right people.

What Carrie would tell her high school self if she could travel back in time…

“It’s okay to be unique. Just be that creative, unique being instead of following the pack.”


Make sure to reach out to Carrie and comment below. What is your biggest struggle in creating a community that gets you?

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