You are probably on the path of becoming a better human. You are constantly looking for ways to get better, books to read, videos to watch, and courses to take to be better at being alive.

In addition to the things we are consciously choosing, we also subconsciously attract people and situations into our lives to push us to change something about ourselves.

All the tools we have outside of us trigger us to figure out what we need to shift inside of us, which is really what we are striving to do. These external situations bring forth the experiences we need to shift who we are now. However, the changes we are trying to make in the now are really us shifting something about our past.

We are the culmination of everything that we have experienced up to this point in our lives. Of course, some of these experiences have been good and others not-so-good. The way we filter our now experiences is through the lens of our past. For instance, I grew up in a traditional family doing traditional things like going to college and getting full-time jobs or becoming a profession of some kind – doctor, lawyer, nurse, teacher. This was one of my filters for the first 30 years of my life until I realized that life could be different than this. It was seeing others around me living a different life that made me realize that I could live the life I wanted to live, the one that was calling out from the depths of my heart.

Our Energy Bodies and Experiences

To think of how past experiences affect our now selves, consider that everything is energy. Our physical and energetic bodies are linked to each other and to our mental and emotional selves. When an experience is important (or traumatic) enough, the experience gets embedded into our system energetically and may even result in physical symptoms as well. There is no separation between these parts of ourselves.

When we are born, we have no filters, and not much of an energetic imprint. We are essentially a blank slate. Then we begin being shaped by our environment. We take on the beliefs of our culture, our family, our church, etc.

We have these broad beliefs, but we also have some one-time-only experiences that shape our current reality. We may completely forget about the experience in our mind, but our energy field (and oftentimes our physical body) does not forget. It says OK, if A, then B. And it remembers this as a new truth for us.

In our now, these beliefs and experiences keep being brought to the forefront so we can learn and move on from them. For example, instead of believing that I had to have a regular full-time job, my belief shifted and opened up to the possibility of a different kind of life. And now I am piecing various things together to make a soul-centered living.

How Do We Start to Disassemble These Filters That We No Longer Want?

First, we have to notice them. What beliefs do you hold to be true? You might try writing a list of 100 things you believe. What patterns do you repeat? Start to pay attention so you notice when something seems to be happening again.

Second, we can explore where they started. Where did you get that belief? If you can’t remember, that is OK. Just realize that you have the option to change that pattern. Honor the situation that caused you to have this belief. You wouldn’t be who you are now without it, but that doesn’t mean it is still a relevant belief for you.

Third, choose to shift the belief. You can write the old belief down and then write the new one. Or just state the new one aloud. Know that you have the choice here. You can continue with the old way or shift perspectives and release the belief from your system.

Simply choosing to become aware of how your past is affecting your now can shift your life in many areas. Know that you have the power to choose your beliefs and how you see the world. Changing how you see your past and its effect on you will attract new experiences into your life.