Connecting with my inner child has made a huge difference in my life in terms of looking at my past with more compassion and understanding – and I don’t mean the over-analyzing kind of understanding. 😉

When we connect to that inner child – which really is you at a much younger age – it helps us understand what it is that we are really seeking and figuring out how to give it to ourselves.

In my case, it took a while to get to a point where I really listened to this little girl with the pink glasses.

When you were 6 years old, did you run errands and stress out about the future?

NB.: At first I called her ‘the little girl with the big glasses’, which is the most predominant memory I have of my childhood. Being teased for my ‘big’ glasses, which was only the case because of my almond shaped eyes and the fact that I have always been petite.

After many experiences of connecting with this inner child and listening to it’s desires and it’s pains, I began to shift this perception of the girl as a victim to a unique human being with a tad of craziness and wildness.

Pink glasses are a fashion statement and they made me stick out. They made me who I am and going through the teasing helped me grow my confidence today.

Now I see that I wasn’t a victim, I was given the opportunity to stand up for myself, for making the conscious choice not to wear my glasses anymore – Ask my mom about all the stories of ‘loosing my glasses’, or not finding them when I had to head out the door.

The decision healed my shortsightedness and now I get to live with perfect vision and without the hassle of wearing glasses.

Sometimes it takes 20 years to realize the benefit of adversity, but when you are open to reframe the situation, when you embrace the discomfort, this is what happens: You see the blessing in the challenges you faced. And the further back you go in your own story and work through those moments, the more liberated you will feel.

Do the things you would have done as a kid. 

When you were 6, did you spend hours on the computer? Did you run errands or stress out about the future?

Go dance, play, have fun!