Episode Guide:

  1. How Caroline came to live in Bali
  2. What is Human Design and how it helps you understand yourself
  3. What are Human Design Types: Are you a manifestor, projector, (manifesting) generator or reflector. Find out.
  4. What is our Inner Authority and how can we use it in our everyday decision-making: Being conditioned to make things happen, it can be difficult to just sit back and let things come to us. Caroline shared her guide for decision-making for generators with us here:  http://www.carolinesouthwell.com/blog/manifestation
  5. How to get your own chart for FREE and what to pay attention for: Get your chart for FREE here: https://www.humandesignamerica.com/chart


What Caroline would tell her High School Self:

“Babe, you are all over this. Just be be f***ing awesome.”

About Caroline:

Caroline Southwell is known for supporting, empowering and inspiring women to better understand, love and appreciate themselves and from that space grow their business, find work they love and improve their life. Learn more about her work as a coach, writer and speaker at www.carolinesouthwell.com



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