Our special guest for our first episode after the summer break is Jan Broders. Jan is a Life and Performance Coach, Meditation Facilitator, Teacher of Non-Bla-Bla Coaching of No Biz like Soul Biz – yep, all of these. Click on the video to learn what this means.

“Most problems in our life come from our mind, our thoughts, from our rational thinking. It would be weird to be solving them on the same level.”

Here is what you find in the interview:

(2:18) Listen to Jan’s story – lots of giggles, I promise! 🙂

From rapping hotel management to recovery through mindfulness meditations and yoga.

(7:25) Getting a bit more woohoo – vibrations and all that good stuff.

(11:30) The journey of setting up his business: Hear about his big shift in perception and the moment he became a coach.

(15:30) How to get that organic growth for your own journey.

(18:40) Learn all about the No Soul Biz like Soul Biz conference

(22:17) Jan’s biggest takeaway from building a conference for the first time.

(23:45) Why we procrastinate – and his tool to overcome it.

(27:16) Jan’s favorite way of centering back into who you are and letting go of the attachment to approval.

What would Jan tell his high school self if he could travel back in time?

Drink less – it’s not good for you. 🙂 And it’s okay to be different and not to fit in.

He mentions an interesting study, where it was found that those who don’t fit in and question authority tend to out-earn their peers who fit in. How’s that for motivation to be different?

#1 Tool: Meditation

Meditation can have many different forms and doesn’t have to be all serious and no, you don’t have to shave your head. Here’s one example from youtube.

Find Jan at:

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