It’s rare that a commercial video has such an impact on me. Usually when youtube plays the ads before my video starts, I wait for the ‘Skip Ad’ button. Well, and then this commercial came along. It had me in an instant. Why was that?

Has it ever happened to you that you felt like you just didn’t fit in? You really tried, but somehow you didn’t feel 100% authentic. You got along with the people around you but something felt off. When the people around you talked about their plans for the future you just couldn’t relate. You might have talked about those plans like you believed in them too. You thought something must be wrong with you – everybody else seems to be happy, right? Why not me?

This video shows us the reason why we didn’t feel authentic. If you are allowed to only show one facet of yourself, how are your going to feel like you? Why do we have to choose one thing? Why do we have to fit in just one box? Isn’t it a fact that we are unique? There is nobody else out there who is just like you. There is nobody with YOUR unique gifts and talents. Your unique combination of passions, skills, strengths or beliefs. And the most beautiful thing about that?! That means we are all in this together. We are all searching for our unique way of expressing ourselves and our gifts.

For me that meant realizing that I am not just interested in brain science and not just a hippie, who wants to make the world a better place, or not just love to create business ideas and learn more about entrepreneurship. I am all of that. I used my ‘AND’ and found out that there is more to me than just that little box that I was trying to fit into.

We won’t realize our potential by trying to fit in a box. We will do that by breaking down the borders, stepping out of those boxes and stepping into our own potential. We are not on this earth to be stuck in a box. We are here to make our mark. To live our legacy and become the beautiful unique person that we already are.

What is the box you are trying to fit in? What is your AND? 

Leave a comment and let us know what your AND is. What box are you leaving behind?