For today’s synnection Episode we are joined by Laure Merlin. She is your go-to person for positive parenting.

Today she shares some insight on modern education. How can we raise our children in a way that they get to express their innate potential?

No time to watch the full episode? This is the episode in a nutshell:

1. School is not a place for learning.

School is great for support & community, but we don’t get to learn what we are naturally curious about or as deep as we would like.

2. Don’t teach “over” your kid – Let them grow like a tree.

Let go of expectations and instead let him grow as a tree. This also goes for any profession that deals with teaching or helping individuals.

3. If a kid feels the drive and is nurtured, it might even learn to read at the age of 3 ½.

Laure tells us, how her son learned to read – not in the way you would expect though…

What would Laure tell her high-school self if she could travel back in time?

“Take responsibility for your life and completely stop trusting the system. Adults have THEIR picture rooted in THEIR reality.”

If she were a teen now she would start a blog about any subject that inspired her and make use of our connected world. Her advice: “Build something!”

You can find Laure on the following pages: (visual positive parenting) (visual ideas) (en français)

How can you take a step back, let go of your expectations of how the person you are teaching or helping should take your help? How can you support them instead of leading them? How can you nurture what is already there?

Leave a comment with your experience. Have questions for Laure? Post it below.  🙂