My knees are comparable to Frankenstein’s forehead scars, except mine are disfigured tenfold. Leaving me zero chance of hiding the evidence from all my falls or so-called failures.

Funny enough, I have a history with these lovely permanent reminders. It’s not only my knees that are marked by unsuccessful jumps but my face is also patented with the left overs of a severe teenage acne case.

You may be wondering why am I sharing this personal aspect of myself and the answer is simple- to explain the two types of confidence I’ve had to strengthen throughout the years.

Push Through Confidence: My knees are a friendly reminder that I was once a horrible skater but I kept pushing through the falls. I never became a pro, yet I still held firm trust that if I kept trying I would get better, and after falling so much, better I got.

Inner Confidence: My face is a test of deep love within myself. It is an accelerator of growth in which I’ve had to believe in myself regardless of my perfect imperfections. My acne scars have been one of my biggest obstacles and paradoxically also my biggest growth. They constantly remind me of faith, trust, conviction, belief, and love beyond the standard.

Even though I once looked at my scars with disgust and shame, I now proudly wear shorts and go grocery shopping without make-up on.

That is because somewhere along the line my perspective shifted. Not a one-day-to-another type of shift but rather a steady journey of self-discovery which I partly owe to meditation.

But not everyone is a natural at sitting down in silence and attempting to think about nothingness for a certain period of time (especially if one feels insecure, hopeless, and unconfident).

And while it is ironic that the one task that helps you get past insecurities is the one thing that we struggle with the most in the middle of a confidence chaos, I believe that there are more achievable methods to shut down your inner dialogue. Because lack of confidence can also be described as incessant negative mental talk and meditation helps clear your mind of just that.

If the typical approach to meditation is difficult for you, like it sometimes is for me, try these unique techniques to quite your inner chatter instead.


The whole purpose here is to focus on something enjoyable rather than all the false beliefs that linger within your own mind. Even though this creative form of meditating can feel awkward at first, rest assured that after a few squares and circles you won’t want to stop till the whole page is filled. Not only are you clearing out your mind but you are also inviting inspiration and creativity into your life, which should always be welcomed guests.



I am a big believer in walks, I think they bring a lot of good thoughts to life. I have a strategy for meditating walks though.

First, you enjoy every breath and every step you take as if it was your last. Feel your body and your lungs and the fresh air you inhale.

Then, you observe. The skies, the sun, the trees, the bugs, the grass, and the clouds. I learned the magic of observation when studying permaculture and I realized that beyond prosperous regenerative gardening it also brings calmness and peace of mind.



Like coloring not everyone will feel comfortable with this approach at first but also like skating through small ramps you’ve got to try over and over again to get better.

Move, stretch, and slither your body away. Take a class if you feel drawn or do it in the shower if you are shy. Let the music be your guide and before you know it your mind will be blank.



Never underestimate the power of a pen and a piece of paper. Let it all out by writing what’s in your mind. There really is a certain type of magic when we take thoughts out of ourselves and into the world.

We are either able to see that what we think is not as bad as what our reality is or at the very least we let out all the frustration from our present situation. The goal is to get a sense of relief by expressing yours thoughts through focused and structured writing.



Chanting mantras helps you focus on one specific thought and musical tone. If you lack confidence in an area of your life create a mantra that will help you uplift your inner belief. For example, if you don’t feel capable enough to skate through that little ramp, your mantra could be ‘yes, I can!’. Again, chanting and repeating a mantra brings in focus and clarity of mind.

Confidence can take you a very long way and it is not only a desirable state of mind but also one that is achievable. Believing in yourself is a mighty skill that without meditation (or the ability to focus and clear your mind) would otherwise be impossible. Whether you need ‘push through confidence’ or ‘inner confidence’, take the time to master them as it will only enhance and better your life. Enchanting things happen when you learn to see ugly scars as beautiful lessons and insurmountable tasks as possible.