For March we will create a WIN-journal. Write down at least 3 wins every day. What have you accomplished today? What are things that worked out? Why did they work out?

I first got the idea, when I researched on the Authentic Happiness website. Somewhere on the website it suggested that planning out the day and reflecting in the evening on the accomplishments can help feeling happier.

I tried it and it felt good. So I stuck with it. While I optimized the structure a bit and made it more flexible to make it more authentic to my goals and lifestyle, it is still the same basic principle. I love a balance between flexibility, spontaneity and systems that help me move forward.

In order to allow both flexibility and structure in my contrarian living journey, I created the idea of using a compass. Think of a sailing boat that is crossing the ocean. It has to do a lot of tacking and jibing to adjust to the changing winds. So, from very close the course looks like a crazy zigzagging mess. If you zoom out, you will see that the course evens out. It becomes more of a straight line towards the destination.

While my ritual includes a complicated assembly of setting MIT’s, checking off lists, free writing and short wins lists in the evening, I suggest that you start with one of the components. In my opinion, the win-list is the most fun.

For March:

Write down three wins of the day before you go to bed.

If you read this later in the month, just start anyway. Do it for at least 10 days and tell us how it went. Do you feel different? How do you go about it? Do you have a journal? Record a video? Tell them to your partner before you go to bed?

We love hearing and sharing your stories. Leave a comment below and share your experience.