A friend of mine helped me with some of my design stuff in the past and afterward we had an interesting conversation, which showed the main difficulty with finding our strengths. I thought I share some of those insights with you and give you some inspiration on how you can find yours. We will shine some light on the blind spot many of us have.
When we finished the design for the ebook I was so happy with it that I wanted to put it up as a poster somewhere….I actually dreamed about it.
That friend kept saying she didn’t do anything and made it seem like it is nothing. It is funny how we often don’t see our own strengths. What she did for me was amazing, phenomenal and definitely something that I would pay a lot of money for. Having somebody who takes your content – which I thought was already kind of pretty in its layout – and makes it stand out. It’s not only super stylish, but it absolutely reflects Synnection’s personality, message and me, the author. I didn’t even know that this was what I wanted, but somehow she filtered that out of my fuzzy little descriptions and transformed it into a professional looking ebook, which I don’t have to hide from anyone!
She says she didn’t really do anything and that we just experimented and “things just happened”. Well, guess what?! That is a clear sign you are onto something. If something comes so natural to you that you think it’s just happening by chance, then there are probably your strengths hidden in there somewhere.
My own experience was similar. A lot of people came to me to ask me for my perspective or just talk with me about whatever they are stuck with. Sometimes this just happens when I talk to people – not even trying to guide them towards clarity – but it is what happens. I didn’t even know that I did anything when one of those people was moved to tears after our conversation. That was the first time I realized that I probably did SOMETHING, whatever that might have been.
Let’s look at it in terms of our process: TRY. REFLECT. OPTIMIZE. REPEAT. 
When we have these moments when somebody thanks us for something and we want to answer with: “Oh, but I didn’t do anything” – take a minute and note what it is that they are thanking you for. Doing the thing that you thought was ‘nothing’ is the step ‘TRY.’
Then take the time to ‘REFLECT’. What is it that you did? How did it feel? If you felt in the flow and time just flew by: another sign you are discovering your core strengths.
Then ask yourself, how you could do the things, which made you feel most alive and helped the other person the most: OPTIMIZE. And then take these actions again: REPEAT.
Are you clear on your strengths yet? How did you find out? We’d love to hear your insights and tips. Leave a comment below or share your story at synnection.com as a guest post.