Our guest at this week’s episode is Theresa Campbell and I cannot express my gratitude enough for her taking the time to share with the synnection tribe! She is my mentor, coach and friend. She inspires and encouraged me many, many times and it is always fun to work with her. At Her Life, Her Legacy she helps high-achieving, remarkable women to life the life they want to live.

No time to watch the full episode? This is the episode in a nutshell:


1. Blending the two worlds.

Theresa created and runs her business Her Life, Her Legacy simultaneously to her full time career. While many people think they need to take the plunge, she balances both worlds.

“I don’t want to be a starving artist.” – Theresa Campbell

Her approach is to be 100% transparent, which gives her a lot of freedom.


2. Manage time & energy.

She is an early bird and the morning hours before the sun rises are dedicated to Her Life, Her Legacy. She goes to work and fits in calls for lunch. She says, “you just focus on what needs to get done. And you do it!”

Bonus: Listen to the interview to hear about how her baby has changed things… 🙂


3. Know yourself.

She likes to announce what she is going to do to everybody, so she will get it done. Find what works for you. Make it work. Make it fun. (Keyword: ‘fun pressure.’)


4. Go for 80%.

“When it’s good enough, it goes.”


What would Theresa tell her high school self, if she could travel back in time?

“Keep going. Keep exploring. Keep asking questions.”

Bonus: Theresa shares about her experiences in high school. Listen in to get the inside scoop. 🙂

Go to Theresa’s website to find out more and connect with her.


So, what is it that you really want to do? What step could you take today and get it done?
Remember: 80% – “When it’s good enough, it goes!”