For the book club this month, I chose “Turning Pro” by Steven Pressfield. It’s an amazing book. Considering it is just 140 pages, it is astonishing how much goodness is in there.

The goal for the book club is to find the top 3 takeaways and top 3 questions to ask ourselves on our own journey to creating life on our own terms. Three seemed not enough and I can only advice you to read the whole thing! Here are the takeaways and questions:

The takeaways.

[Takeaway 1: It’s a process.]

It’s not just one moment. Turning pro is a process. It’s a commitment to doing the work. Doing what’s necessary.

That is when opinions of others don’t matter and don’t distract you. It is when you do what is right for you. When you bring out the best version of yourself.

If you are interested, here my moment of turning pro:

I stopped listening to the expectations of myself and others. I stopped buying books, courses and reading articles and started doing. Then I started reading books and taking courses as tools. They are not sources of distractions or hesitations anymore. It’s about using what is in there and creating something new with that knowledge. My focus is on creation.

“We stop running from our fears. We turn around and face them.” – Steven Pressfield

[Takeaway 2: It’s a practice.]

As Steven Pressfield says, a practice needs: space, time, intention, showing up as a warrior, showing humility, showing up as students. A practice is a lifelong journey.

So, when you encounter adversity or resistance, remember you are in this for the long run. Approach it with the mindset of a student, learn from it and let it guide you towards mastery.

[Takeaway 3: Trust the magic.]

In this part of the book Steven Pressfield talks about an exercise that shows us how this magic works.

Exercise: What’s in the box?

There is a box in front of you. Tell us, what’s in it? Describe it’s content.

Stop reading here for a moment and answer that question.

What is in the box?

What happened? What did you come up with?

The funny thing is, that this box is never empty. There is always something in there, because our imagination is always with us. Trust in that. (NB.: If it was really empty for you: let’s talk about it.)

“The best pages I’ve ever written are the pages I can’t remember writing.” – Steven Pressfield

(There is more of this goodness on p. 118 of the book 😉 )

The questions.

[Question 1: Why are you doing this?]

What is your motivation to do what you do? Are you doing it for “conventional rewards” like money or fame or for the psychological rewards aka for the practice and mastery?

[Question 2: What are the 5 moments in your life that you felt the most inspired?]

Why? What exactly did you do?

Then go do one of those things that you came up with or put yourself in a similar environment.

[Question 3: Where is it that you are trying to go?]

What is the smallest possible step that you could take in this direction right now?

Have you turned pro yet? Tell us your turning pro moment. Or tell us what is holding you back. We are here to help and support you. Let us know how we can do that!