Yesterday I walked into a café and saw a brave member of the synnection tribe. We started talking and I realized that I hadn’t really put anything on here for a month. Even on Facebook I hadn’t really posted anything to inspire you. My first instinct was to feel guilty. I want to inspire you to live a happy healthy life on your own terms and here I go, letting a month pass by without creating anything for you.

Then a couple of hours later I reflected in the experiences of the last month and realized that I was actually in one of the phases I write about in the manifesto: “Try.” I was trying out new things. I was in the middle of the process of creating my own healthy happy life.

Do you want to learn how you can do it too?

Here is a short account on what I did in the past month and details on how you can have a fun exciting life too.

In the past month I…

… learned to code websites (properly)

What not many people know about me is that I learned little bits and pieces of code in high school. After school I never really used them again. Until I rediscovered my geeky excitement for coding again for some marketing projects I was working on. The last month I dove back in. Head first. I have been spending hours writing code and I love it.

… started working towards my Reiki certification

This is one that I didn’t see coming. Until 1 ½ month ago I didn’t even know what Reiki is and now I am in the middle of the process of getting my Reiki certification. All because of a 2 min experience of Reiki healing.

… cut down my beautiful 55 page thesis to a 4 page research paper

Yes it was painful. Very painful. I was told it’s just like taking a car apart and putting the pieces back together. It felt more like taking my baby apart and putting it back together with only one arm and one leg. Well, it turns out that it was actually much more than that – and less cruel – after I let go of the attachment to the way it was and being open for the new potential in it. After many hours I submitted a beautiful new paper that was totally worth the pain, sweat and tears.

… started a foodie site about Ubud’s culinary scene

The plan was to watch a movie. And then suddenly, we were knee-deep into creating a website, Facebook page and a list of places/dishes to review. Is it related to anything I have been doing? Not really. Is it fun and exciting? Absolutely. I hope it’s going to make the dinner choices for the new and old Ubudians a lot easier and fun.

Check out to find the best, most delicious and cheap places to eat in Ubud. Got a recommendation? Let me know.

.. am hosting an authentic relating workshop

A while back I went to such a workshop and sitting in a circle with all the other participants, feeling deeply connected and buzzingly alive, I knew: I have to share this experience with more people. So, I tried to figure it out. It all clicked into place when a friend offered to help. So tonight we are hosting the first authentic relating games night at the Onion Collective here in Ubud.

Not to mention all the amazing trips to waterfalls, the beach, dancing, playing, yoga sessions and sharing delicious food with amazing people that I have experienced this month. It has been an exciting month. Would a boss have approved of it? Maybe not. But the amazing truth is: I am my own boss, I am the creator of this wonderful life I am living and I refuse to limit myself to just one experience, one profession or one ‘right’ way. I want to live fully. I want to live a healthy happy life and have fun doing so.

Want to join me? Here’s the process I went through in the past month:

Step 1: Beat yourself up… (or at least let it be okay)

… for not doing ‘what you are supposed to do’. Trust me, I am a pro at this one. “You are supposed to focus.” “You are supposed to not eat X to be healthy.” “You are supposed to work X hours a day to be successful.” Etc. etc.

Well, truth be told. This is normal. It is absolutely okay to do this once in a while. Accept it. Just don’t indulge in it. Otherwise you might be stuck in a cycle of beating yourself up for beating yourself up for not doing the things you are supposed to do.

Step 2: Do all these seemingly unrelated things anyway…

The trick is to do the things that inspire you anyway. For me, I had no idea how web development and learning to code properly would fit in with Reiki training or whatever I was trying to do with synnection. I did it anyway. I was inspired to do it, so I did it.

Step 3: Feel alive and excited…

The beautiful side effect of doing the things you are inspired by is that you feel alive and excited. In the mornings I would get up excited to learn and grow. Truthfully though, as the day went on, the voices telling me all the things I supposedly should be doing instead got louder and some nights I would go to bed feeling like a failure – other nights I went to bed beautifully exhausted and accomplished. It’s called ‘process’ for a reason. If everyday was the same, we wouldn’t learn or grow.

Step 4: Feel the puzzles clicking into place…

“If you follow your bliss and doors will open for you where there were no doors before.” – Joseph Campbell

If you stay with your bliss you will experience the most beautiful feeling in the world: The puzzles falling into place. Or as Steve Jobs would call is: “Connecting the dots.”

Have you ever felt that way? Some turn of events has seemingly unrelated moments in life clicking into place. You took a class in figure skating in college? Thought you would never use your skills ever again? And suddenly 15 years later you get this amazing offer to report on the figure skating world cup for national television.

Obviously I have no idea about figure skating or whether there is a world cup for that… so to give you an example from my life: I thought I would never ever need my little bits and pieces of html code that I learned in high school again. Then somehow I used it in some of my online marketing jobs. And finally my skills enabled me to help out a friend with an amazing project and learn even more during the process.

Ever experienced something like this? Share your ‘connecting the dots’ moment with us!